We need you!

Why do we need sponsors?  The annual costs of a derby league are outstanding.  The operational costs include; incorporation fees, insurance costs, association membership fees, and practice space rental costs.  Current estimates right now are $5,000 - $6,000 per bout.  Practice costs are being covered by league members, paying dues and organizing fundraising events, while supplying their own personal equipment.  Outside help is imperative for this league to reach its full potential.  YOU can help!!!
Why You?
The biggest return you will receive by investing in the PRRBIB is exposure.  Your name and logo will appear on various league related items.  People will know that you are an official sponosor of the Betties.  In addition to the publicity your business will receive by sponsoring us, we will be more than happy to appear at your events to help draw a crowd.  We can arrange to hold exhibition shows at your business (if feasible).  There are many different ways to sponsor us, packages are available as well.  Please get with us if you are able to sponsors the Betties!
We are so grateful for our sponsors.  Thank you to all the businesses and individuals that help make this possible!